Concrete Mixes and Mix Designs

Havre Ready Mix will be your go to for you next spec. project!


Call with your project and we can work with you to get the concrete you need.


We also offer the following additives and supplies:


Mid-Range Water Reducer (MasterPolyheed 980) - Mid range water reducer. Recommended 980 for a substitute for water to decrease shrinkage cracking, increase strength, and reduce flaking on the surface.


High-Range Water Reducer (MasterGlenium 1466) – High range water reducer. Helps mix to flow faster – increases slump


Air Entraining (MasterAir AE 90) - For concrete exposed to cyclic freezing and thawing.


Air-Detraining Admixture (MasterSure 1390) - Recommended for use in concrete where a reduction of air content is desired, i.e., interior flat work.          


Delvo (MasterSet DELVO) – Stabilizer. Slows curing, delays set time

Delay time: 1/2 hr, 1 hr, 1 1/2 hrs, 2 hrs, 2 1/2 hrs, 3 hrs, 3 1/2 hrs, 4 hrs


Hi Early Accelerator (MasterSet AC 534) - Speeds up the set time.


Fiber Mesh - Helps strengthen concrete by inhibiting and controlling the formation of intrinsic cracking.


Hot Water - Recommended for 25 degrees or lower.





Bentonite – Clay used for waterproofing / repairing leaks

Cylinder Molds – 4” x 8”

Curing Compound / J20 – Provides a combination of curing, sealing and dustproofing for freshly finished surfaces.

*Sold in a 5-gallon bucket*

Eucobar – Use as an evaporation retardant. Seals and keeps moisture in; prevents rapid moisture loss in wind, hot weather, etc. Under Technical Data click on English

*Sold by the gallon* *Pre-order only* 

Form Oil - Breaks the bond between the form and the concrete.  Prolongs the life of the forms by reducing the required cleaning.

*Sold in a 5-gallon bucket*